Minute manufacturing

Photo credit : Femke Reijerman

Minute Manufacturing is a production system that makes objects by the minute. The cost is measured in custom ‘Diego Coins’: every coin is worth a minute of production time and is the equivalent of one Euro. Diego Faivre makes products from waste materials such as cardboard tubes, plastic boxes and leather strips in the amount of time purchased. To add appeal, he covers each with colourful ‘Diego Dough’ an air-drying clay.



Photo credit : Femke Reijerman



Night table with lamp

Drying Rack

Various chairs for Design Miami

Big Chairs

Breakfast in Bed -

For Pon the Online Store


Hippo Chair for Surplus secret


Same but different made in 6064 minutes

Photo credit : Pierre Castignola

Stool made in 244 minutes

Clothe rack made in 341 minutes

Double planter made in 306 minutes

Stools, stools, stool (&armchair)


Ladder made in 664 minutes

Jungle Shelf

made in 436 minutes

cabinet made in 3048 minutes

German 50's chair and double thonet stool covered in 510 minutes

Furniture made and exclusive for Mint available at the gallery.


Photo credit: Pierre Castignola

Colourfull Brutalism

sunny side up

“Sunny Side Up” started with the fascination for the egg yolks variation of colors. Depending of the geographical and cultural background, the colors vary from vibrant gold to deep orange.


Based on a ‘minute manufacturing process’, each egg is unique and made in 5 minutes, just about the average time to fry an egg. The “Sunny Side Up” hanging art objects bring poetry and absurdity in the domestic context.


Available online, at events and retailers

custom exercise - ace hotel london

Commission 2020

Working station for the pop up Minute Manufacture with a sandwich board for the Ace Hotel Lobby

Collection of doorstops - mixed scrap materials (wood, plastic, metal, stone) coated

Ace Hotel London introduced a design initiative, during London Design Festival, that investigates the opportunities made possible by reusing, repurposing and reinterpreting existing methods, materials and techniques. Approaching items through this lens, the project takes form as a collective endeavour, working with a cadre of designers to responsibly create custom, customised and customisable objects for Ace Hotel London.

To follow that endeavor, doorstops have been made for the property, and to carry forward the theme of customisation,  a pop-up Minute Manufacture factory has been placed in the Lobby of the hotel for the duration of the London Design Festival. Guests are invited to have new items made and existing items customised in joyful aesthetic at the rate of £1 a minute.

A dynamic installation for the front entrance of the hotel, with planters made for styrofoam waste.


Curated by Libby Sellers with the participation of BCXY, Fabien Cappello and Raw Edges.


The doorstops are available at Ace Hotel London and the webshop


Photo credit : Pierre Castignola

Planter made for the Ace Hotel entrance made from recycled styrofoam packaging

Plugs, extension cords, power leads, multi-socket and power strip

Photo credit : Pierre Castignola

made for Křehký Mikulov art and design festival

Photo credit : Pierre Castignola


A welcome attendant symptom of a visit to the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Festival Headquarters is a sometimes casual, sometimes concrete examination of the architecture. In this case: the utilitarian architecture.

As a result, the mundane fire escape is turned into a colorful, playful intervention that will certainly alter the perception of the place. Initiated by the festival, the utilitarian archi­tecture of a fire escape juxtaposed with the rigid geometric order of the complex in an organic con­struct that questions the building in its essentiality.

kinder modern x usm - an inspired connection

During NYCxDesign, kinder MODERN reimagined USM’s Soho showroom with designs built from the USM Haller system, shown alongside custom furniture and decorative works commissioned by kM.


This fun and functional collaboration—which takes its design direction from the core of the USM Haller system, designs built using the USM Haller modular system include a mega-desk, giant pixel art, a mini basketball court, and cascading plant and seating areas.


With the contribution a full office series of from the minute manufacturing for the USM + kM collaboration. Featured  on the USM Mega Desk, a mixed age 4 station desk (both sit & stand) as part of an Inspired Connection.


Objects available on the partneshop of Kindermodern

Photo credit : Clemens Kois

vases vases vases

Photo credit : Pierre Castignola



of Life

Photo credit : Pierre Castignola


The (re)creation of life investigates the ratio of power inbetween human, nature and technology. It results in a constant imbalance, where nature was the strongest

for milleniums.

The harmony and the atmosphere of the globe is made to reconsolidate ourselves toward nature and technology into a new way of life as a symbiosis.By engendering meaningful experiences, connexions and feelings focused on humans basic needs.

The selection of these objects is made to bring true values, and to help us to bring wisdom from the ordinary with their playfulness.





As we can observe, the past few years have often been the theater of giant smogs covering the biggest and most crowded cities on earth. But as the years pass, the strength, the opacity and the period in which these clouds occupy our skies are expanding.

As the population rises, on it’s way to its peak, the need for natural ressources is increasing.

However, even though nations are doing everything in their power to reduce any kind of pollution, the earth will become more and more polluted. Humans are becoming more and more sedentary, their rural exodus will reach by 2095 more than 75 per cent of the world population.

This accumulation of big communities will  focus their pollution on a reduced space and engender thick, strong and long lasting smog clouds.


These clouds will be so strong that the sunlight will only slightly go trough it, forcing nations to use urban lightning every day and every night.The sun is a life creator, but the smog clouds are reducing its effect. Urban trees will collapse, central park reduced to a lake surrounded by mud and vertical gardens will move to the countryside as horizontal gardens.

But humans need sun to have a rhythm, otherwise the psychologic and physiologic effect will have a disastrous effect, engendering depression, low energy level and an unhealthy lifestyle. The individual sun will allow humans to rediscover their

original rhythm, reconnecting them towards nature and help them to fulfill and follow their own personal rhythm.

urban poetry

Finding, observing, and feeling are qualities that we have lost over the years. We walk linearly from A to B, paying no attention to our surroundings. I created a qualitative database of details, through the different eyes of a botanist, anthropologist, philosopher, poet, and child. Every detail has a meaning and reason in where it’s positioned, and this is what I wanted to show in gathering this data. In main thoroughfares there is a lot happening; crowds of people, thrumming through streets littered with gum and other litter, underneath garish advertising, leaving traces as they pass. The smaller streets are quieter, and require a harder and more sensitive search. These pieces are neglected and may be useless, but they are an essential record of our time and what is left from our passage. A human trace has a multitude of form, from a pale pink piece of gum wedded to the pavement, to a lost glove or a rusted tin can.


720 minutes


Soft vandalism

710 minutes of Soft Vandalism is a performance toward the alteration of an hotel room. It relates to the experience of traveling in an anonymous space . However, the 710 minutes of the occupation of the temporary room, that represents the average time spent in an hotel room, will be performed as a soft vandal disguised as a customer determinate to leave a mark.

 The traveler will have two suitcases, one will be containing tools and the other one will be filled with play dough or the so called Diego Dough, brought to change the room atmosphere through the making. The walls, ceiling and floor will be partially covered, the furniture will be fully covered during at the end of the 12 hours.

By alliterating the outline of the space, breaking the straight lines and the right angles, the space will be surreal, enhancing the surfaces. The colorful and textured area will enhance and break the perception of space.  The outcome uncertainness, as most of the decision will be made on spot allowing a stronger influence of the space, and are voluntarily improvised into an instinctive performance leaving a mark and it’s impact for 10 days straight.

The performance will be recorded with surveillance camera during the 12 hours,  starting at 8pm until 8am and displayed as a loop to celebrate the soft vandalism of these 710 minutes.


The Disposable/ selfdestructive chair


We tend to sit a lot, and in general humans spend more than 7 hours sitting. However, it has health risk and sitting for too long can increase mortality rate. The philosopher Kant used to walk for at least 4 hours every day, and it resulted in a refine ideology. It can allow your mind to connect and to go further with your ideas. The single use chair investigates and invites the users to think before they can sit. They can only use it once, and once they stand up the single use chair will breaks down resulting in a better consideration of the act of sitting.

french - 28



- man and leisure -

ba Design academy eindhoven



-Peking Roasted Duck design


Looking for surfaces to cover

Diego Faivre


Minute manufacturing

The (re)creation of life

Single use chair


Individual sun

Urban poetry